Monday, February 1, 2010


Off we went, picnic packed on a fine sunny day over the Australia Day weekend. We stopped by the Yarra for lunch and watched the boats go by.

Then hopped on a train to Docklands to see the sand sculptures. According to the 'What's On' guide and the website, 20 tonnes of sand had been trucked in for the display.
Ok so I clearly have no understanding of exactly how much 20 tonnes looks like but from the descriptions and plenty of photos provided I thought it was safe to assume it was a shitload and the kids would love it.

How wrong I was - here it is....

Yep, that's it, just the ONE. It had a fish and some serpenty type thingo, I didn't take too much notice because I was wondering where the rest of it was. Where was the scene from The Wizard of Oz as per said website? Were they serious? Did this deserve a write up in the paper as something worth visiting with the family? Where was the rest of it???
D'OH and NO.

So we find ourselves in the wanky shopeatshopshopshopeat part of town surrounded by the worshippers of shopping for crap (I've heard it described as a mecca - I have news people we have Dairy Bell and Red Rooster in the 'burbs too you know) when we could have gone to the Indian Festival 10 minutes from home.



Kellyansapansa said...

Wow, 20 tonnes sounds like it should be everywhere! Not very impressive really :o(

Lori said...

Oh dear. Not cool. You'd think 20 tonnes of sand would be enough for your own private beach... obviously not.

Lucy said...

Aside from the disappointing sand......your daughter has the very same look as you. Quite lovely. xx