Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Oh I forgot to share this with you! I bought it months ago. My latest find at the Top Secret Wreckers Yard. This is the next best thing to air conditioning at my place and at $140 a bargain.

It's going to stay outside for a little longer until I can clear some space in the garage and strip it back. I also have to restore the bottom section of timber because it's rotted away a little. Tradie Jay just laughed his ass off when I proudly showed it to him. "Have fun with that" he says, drizzling on my parade just a little. Up yours I retort, it's possible to fix isn't it?
He grudgingly admits that it is and seems happier when I tell him it's MY project and I'm not going to ask him to do it.

Pfft to him - I haz a library card and I'm gonna learn me how to do it, paint it white and do a little dance after I knock out my bedroom windows (that don't open past an inch) and fit this instead.


Nelle said...

Wow that's so beautiful! What a find. Will it fit? You'll make it fit?