Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sleep....and dreams

Darling girl, beautiful being, mummy's china doll.

After years of mind-tearing refusal to go to sleep.....she has nearly got it right.
Every other parent in the universe can speak of the times they snuck into the nursery just to watch their precious angels sleeping peacefully.

Not me.

From the time Betty Boo was 6 months old to about 2.5 she would literally wake up if I walked into the room, hell if I walked past the room. Ok my floorboards are creaky but they aren't that bad. She would sit bolt upright or jump straight up if she heard me. There were months I slept on the couch rather than wake the sleeping angel at the foot of my bed. I developed a particularly interesting walk during those times. Kind of creeping, walking on the balls of your foot with shoulders hunched to your ears type walk (Hey, I should have applied for tenure at the Ministry of Funny Walks!). I've only now started walking like a catwalk queen again (har de haar).

But tonight I walk into her room (well, sashayed) watch my nearly 4 yr old actually sleeping. She stirs, she rolls over and opens her eyes, smiles sleepily and says -

"Mummy, when I grow up I want to be a watering can." and goes back to sleep.

Oh my precious darling, I think - I love you so much. Shoot for the stars hun - dream of being the watering system for the entire Royal Botanic Gardens........just...stay....asleep.


Lori said...

Oh Lulu, that nearly made me cry. And then I near wet myself laughing. She's such a beautiful kid, she looks like an angel.

Love your blog :) xo

Kellyansapansa said...

Yay - may this be just the beginning of many nights of unbroken sleep for her!

Nelle said...

Bahaha! Do the Botanic Gardens have a treat in store for them or what!

Lucy said...

Her sleeping is a gorgeous thing doing a gorgeous thing.

lori said...

She is adorable! You anxiously await the day they sleep through the night, and then before you know it they're teens and you have to wake them up at noon. Enjoy these precious years!