Sunday, February 21, 2010


So they start like this -

8 pounds of chunky goodness. Love a chunky baby, we used to call her Sara Lee because her arms had layer upon layer of little rolls.

Then she turned into a cheeky nordic blonde that loved olives for breakfast

A big primary school girl. That's our Indian Ringneck parrot Bubbalouie who just loves her. Teen Queen inadvertently saved his life when she demanded Scorpio bring him to our house for the weekend so she could take him to show and tell at school on the Monday. Scorpios house burnt down that day and he would have been TOAST.

The secondary school years, loves her sister. Gets a bit of attitude. School sucks and all the teachers are stupid. Note the wrist band as an indication of things to come.

Then before I know it - first school dance and the transformation to full Angsty Teen Queen

and now VCE student studying to be a Midwife. I don't care about the piercings (very much), it's her choice now she is all big and stuff....


Love them


Kellyansapansa said...

What a great journey you've had with her - she's a beautiful girl!

Lori said...

What a lovely post. And what a gorgeous girl you have- be very, very proud. And that school formal outfits rocks!!

Lucy@DiminishingLucy said...

Gulp. So gorgeous at every stage. So scary. (Not her. The concept.) xx

Anonymous said...

Nice Fuckable chunky ass