Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Very Bad Things - Part one

Yep, I did it. It was ME.

I defaced a church sign.

But how can you leave something like that bright and shining in the world that you live??

It originally said "God hates Homosexuality".

After many conversations, with many different friends of all different religions everyone agreed that God shouldn't (or didn't) HATE anything.

So I bought a big FAT black texta especially for the job. Recruited a friend and her sister to come along for moral support...and in the dark of the night scrawled my response (well OUR response) and drove away into the night (in my pristine HZ Holden Station Wagon with a 308 on straight gas in case you were wondering).

News crews arrived, locals were interviewed and everyone felt the same way as I. Shocked.

It all went pear-shaped because the deal I made (in my head) was that I would come and clean it off again if the owners of the sign would rescind their words. No harm done.
Well others really wanted to drive the opinion home and the sign was subsequently spray painted and had holes put right through the lot.

Ah well.


PinkPatentMaryJanes said...

I don't know why, but that sign totally and utterly shocked me. I'm pretty sure that God shouldn't hate... so good for you! {ps: loving the sound of that car of yours...}

feltpets said...

Good on you! If I were the religious type ~ bless you.

Vicky said...

Yay YOU!! I saw that sign, and balked. I can't believe they actually put it up. That is unbelievable.

DaughteroftheStars said...

Ugh, I get the feeling this was from a while ago but it still shocks me that a church would put that on their sign for all the world to see. They were practically asking for trouble if you ask me.

Dani said...

Well done! god created all things (so they say) thus he created homosexuals...they dont have any right to pick and choose what god likes!
and GO the old holden wagon!
- Dansta

Lori said...

Go Lulu!! That is awesome. You need to submit it hackedIRL

Lucy@DiminishingLucy said...

Oh thank God. He created love not hate, and I think he created big fuck off black textas too. xx

Katt said...

I lold at Very Bad Things, good for you!

MaMaMe said...

Love your work Lu!

MuffinMOnsterBB said...

Well Done Lulu!

You could have also blacked out some letters so it read "GOD HAS HOMOSEXUALITY"