Monday, September 13, 2010

Favourite words of all time

I luuurve words. I use lots of them ALL the time. I never shut up really.

As most of you will know I just love the word Fuck. I don't care that some people think it means I have limited vocabulary, only sanctimonious twats say that anyway.

Fuck is awesome because you can say it with such feeling fffffffuuCK. I also like Fucktard but I really don't use it as much as I should.

SANCTIMONIOUS. I use this about twice a week on average.

TRESSES. Just like the way it sounds, it invokes Lady Godiva-ish images or Botticellis Venus type thoughts.

STRUMPET. Thank you Helen Razer for introducing this word to me. Completely underutilized.

GALLIVANT. Everyone laughs when I say this. It may have something to so with the flappy arm movements that come with it.

GRUNTLED. Oh Gruntled! When I first heard you I went into hysterics. Maybe GRUNTLED should marry WHELMED and live happily every after.

TINTINNABULATION. It's just funny.

I got a thing for these words too.


What are your favourite words? Are there any words you hate?

I have two, but I dislike them so much I can't bear to type them...


Geoff said...


Blossy said...

Comeuppance is a favourite of mine. That bad guy in the movies always gets his comeuppance!

Lulu said...

Oh I LIKE those! How could I leave out comeuppance *grin.

I've lost some of the comments when I had to stuff around with the post - I'd love to hear them..again.

MMBB said...

One of my favourite words is Indubitably! I learned that from Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins :D

Lucy said...

Moist. Applicable to so much and it rolls of the tongue so well.




Maxabella said...

I love all words. Fuck is my absolute favourite. I particularly like it when used as "For fuck's sake". I basically like to substitute it anywhere where other's use 'god' or 'christ'. "Thank fuck for that" and "In the name of fuck what are you doing" and "mother fucker" (well, that's probably not a substitute, but I like it anyway).

I'm a total wharfie.

A word I also use way too much is "lovely". It's just a big fave.

As you can see, my vocab is totally fucked. x

Lulu said...

I think it's fucking lovely Maxiebabes.

Andrea said...

I love fuck too. My all time favourite use of it is Absofuckinglutley. Other favourites include beautiful, lovely, awesome, sensational, wanker, moron, numb nuts.

What does that say about me?

Lulu said...

I don't feel quite so bad for dropping multiple F bombs in your comments now Andrea!!

Torzi said...

Phalanges.... Makes fingers sound groosss!!

raluam said...

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