Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Take care of ya face...the basics

Taking good care of your skin is easy, and you CAN make time for it. You know you will feel better if you do.

As much as I love the luxurious bottles and sexy, sexy packaging of the cosmetics counter wares I am usually too poor for that. I also know it's damn easy NOT to spend too much money on potions.

The first place to start is from the inside. MmmmmK?

Good skin needs plenty of

Vitamin A - found in yellow and orange fruit and vegetables.
Vitamin C - found in citrus fruits, capsicum and broccoli.
Vitamin E - found in nuts, seeds and avocados
Omega 3's - cold water fish, and flaxseed.

Too hard? Do you live on lukewarm tea and toast like me? Take a supplement, it's better than nothing at all.

Yeah yeah yeah - we are supposed to drink 8 glasses or 2 litres of water a day. This just isn't realistic for some people, and those that boast of drinking 3 litres a day aren't doing themselves any favours unless they are running marathons often or are totally full of shit and are hiding the fact they botox their arses off.

Be realistic and get yourself into the habit of drinking ONE glass in the morning (with a squeeze of lemon juice to kick start your liver), ONE glass at lunch and ONE glass in the evening. Much more doable.

Put a jug of cold water in the fridge with a few slices of lemon/orange. You will be surprised how much more tempting it is all ready to go. Excellent example for your children too.

Never overlook the power of water.

Next - keep it clean!

Wash your face before you go to bed. Use a cleanser to remove makeup - NEVER go to bed with makeup on. I know some of you would never dream of doing this but in my time as a makeup chickie babe it never failed to amaze me the amount of people that look surprised when I tell them it's nearly a crime to sleep with a faceful. If you are a working mummy, bum wipes by the side of the bed work wonders removing makeup.
Actually most of my face stuff is in my bedside drawer because I often tumble into bed exhausted and forget about ma face.

Even if you don't wear make up, you must clean the days dust, sweat and pollution away before you sleep.

I'll bang on about cleansers and moisturisers next Tuesday, see you then!


Lucy said...

The water thing - I am a smug cow and so do all that.

Ditto with the vitamins.

Massive fail on the cleaning of face before bed.

The Fat Lady said...

LOL, glad you're not COMPLETELY perfect Lucy!

The only thing I do is the water - a desk job and a bright green drink bottle take care of that :)

Lulu said...

Yeah but Luce - you ARE running marathons!

I think water fixes just about everything, especially headaches!

EmmaK said...

One thing I do do is drink a lot of water ....although it means I'm on the toilet all day. Still I have lovely skin!! Thanks for the tips.