Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh Yeah, Uh HUH - I'm a WINNER!!!

Watch me strut, watch me bum dance, watch me Ghetto Z snap all around the room Uh HUH!

I won me a Landcare Pack from Tina Gray

My Cyclone is going to be utterly beside himself and I can't wait to see the look on his face when it arrives! Then I'm going to take it off him and stick it on top of the fridge and refuse to allow him access until he cleans up his room and the last of his "experiments" that involved at least half a roll of toilet paper and two metres of aluminium foil.

AND - no it doesn't stop there - I also won one of these from Mrs Woog Yep, a SAWHOLE TSHIRT!

I'm gonna stick my boobies in that little number as soon as it arrives. Hell, I might even enter a wet Tshirt which case Sawhole might get a few emails asking for help for "finding me a good woman to come live wit me and my momma" - but that should be fun, for the readers, maybe not for Sawhole.

NYAH, NYAH, NYAH. Yes I am going to work this winning thing till it's dead because lately I'M NOT A WINNER.

My hair looks like shit and I have one pair of jeans because I can't afford a salon or new clothes because I can't work because my son has evolved from a misunderstood Aspy Child to a full blown one of "those" children. Despite months of fricken therapies administered by yours truly. Every fricken day.

I've spent my last $400 on supplements for Cyclone so I can avoid him going on Ritalin if that is at all possible. It's also costing $300 to do a POO ANALYSIS as well - but I stuck that on The Batchelors credit card and I'm hoping he is too embarrassed to query it when the statement arrives.

So I'm going to enjoy the sunshine, sit out the backyard with my T-shirt and Cap drink lots of vodka and have one of the three cigarettes I am allowing myself per day with a big grin on my face because I WON.

**I better have a Bex and a lie down first, it's too early to drink vodka - even for me....



MMBB said...

Hooray for winning things! *yay*

E. said...

WOOT! Enjoy your winnings.

If the credit car statement actually shows up with Poo Analysis as a description can you post a photo of it?

Hang on, if you have a Bex and a good lie down what will Cyclone use for his next experiments?

Enjoy the vodka when you get to it!

Tina said...

Someone say Vodka?!

Yay for winning stuff! I never win anything! lol

Maxabella said...

That better be a bloody good t-shirt from Woogsy to make up for all that!! Are the supplements working? I'm skeptical about that sort of stuff, you see... I hope, hope, hope they are!!! x