Wednesday, September 1, 2010



Although I apologise for the hysterical tone of my last post. My world had fallen out from under me - something I was working really hard towards had been whipped away with one phone call. It was unfair and wrong. The entire situation should never happened at all.

But it did and with the help of some fabulous webfriends I refocussed and lined my ducks up in a row.

Today I called the Independent School Board. I called Cyclones Neurotherapist. I called Autism Victoria.
I emailed my Uncle Forry, who is the head of a boys boarding school.

and I called my mum.

I sketched out the timeline with the help of my diary and my blog, sans emotion. Just The Facts Jack. This helped me stay on track when I was talking to people.

No one promised anything and I knew they couldn't, I just hoped that the situation spoke for itself.

At 3pm I received a phone call from the principal of N School. She apologised. She said yesterday was an awful day for us both and that she wanted to work something out for Cyclone. The school has held a meeting and decided to open a third class due to demand.

I recognise their might have been an influx of candidates for this school, but it's no reason to push Cyclone aside. Or whatever it was that nearly happened there...
I chose to think the Principal was overwhelmed, and that she mucked things up. Nothing more sinister. The apology was very sincere and in a tone far far away from the one she used with me the other day.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to

Diminishing Lucy, Muffin Monster BB, Lady Astrid and The BFG for your support and justifiable outrage.

Madmother, Purple Cath and Jen - thank you for your practical advice - I took it all on board.

I envisaged myself in full battle gear dancing upon the smoking bones of my slain enemies but actually I'm just exhausted. Quietly pleased that the whole episode was over quickly and looking forward to Cyclone starting at school next term.

I can take on these type of battles and in fact I consider us lucky that it's things we have a chance to beat. We are healthy, we are together, we have a roof over our heads.....and once we get cable TV again things will be as perfect as they are going to get in Unperfect Land.



Anonymous said...

Oh wow - what an unexpected outcome. Very happy for you and very happy for the other families that now get a spot at the school. (Logical really to add another class if there is the demand).

Great news

MMBB said...

Fantastic outcome!

And just think of the other children you've helped who will be able to go into the 3rd class with your son.

You've done a great job!

Lucy said...

See what YOU can do when you have a virtual village of expertise and love and support on your side? But mostly what YOU can achieve when YOU set your mind to it?

Well done Luce, just well done. xx

Madmother said...

WELL DONE! *Yes, I am yelling with excitement*

feltpets said...

Good grief I can't believe the crap you have just gone through. You just amaze me with your determination and perseverance. Totally in awe.
If I can be just a fraction of the mother you are, I will be more than proud.

Being Me said...

Goodness! I'm just catching up (slowly, late) as I only just read your earlier post on this.

Remarkable outcome. I am so pleased when things like this happen in the world. I hope your faith in the school/the system has been somewhat restored.

E. said...

It's time to celebrate! and it's excellent news that Cyclone will get to go back to school.

Lirio Jaguar said...

Of course you did it - there are no obstacles for you, my love, just unimaginable challenges that you imagine solutions for...and voila! Solutioned By Lulu ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, well done you. I can only imagine how overwhelming it would be to have been homeschooling for all that time with the expectation that he would be going to school, and then to have that promise stripped away... I'm so glad there's been a resolution.

purple_cath said...

fantastic news!