Thursday, March 11, 2010


I can't get the stupid effing things off the bottom of my posts.

Ya know the ones that plead for feedback.
Am I funny?
Do you find me interesting?
Am I informative (for fucks sake)?

I mucked around with the widgety things when I first started this blog and it never worked. Then I try to change templates - which is completely unsuccessful but somehow I managed to get that shit working instead of what I wanted to fix.

Story of my life ba hahaha!

Anyway - please ignore it until I have time to get around to Miss Neurotic's house so she can hold my hand whilst she shows me what button to press to make it GO AWAY.

She hasn't missed me at all. I know....


Nelle said...

I read your blog in google reader mostly, so I've never noticed...

Kellyansapansa said...

All you need to do is go to Layout > Page Elements.

Then click on Edit in the Blog Posts box.

Under Post Page Options you can tick or untick Reactions to turn them on or off.

Hope that helps!