Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The first school term for Cyclone

Well it had its downs...

Called to the school twice to pick him up early due to belting 2 other kids. One drew blood *sigh.
Being called every name under the sun if I came to pick him up - when he wasn't ready.
Realising he is taking up ALOT of the (gorgeous) teachers time each day.

and it's ups

Cyclone will be going full time hours next term, after a nice slow build up and a rewards system.
He is participating in a few more activities without meltdown.
Seeing that the other kids consider the meltdowns and screaming as merely "a Cyclone thing". Most don't bat an eyelid at his antics, a few of the older children seem to take pride in being able to settle him through an episode.

Cyclone resents changing activities, he wants to be left alone to build all day. He needs to be cajoled and soothed through any change through the day. Whilst he is making progress it's time to see if we have more than Sensory issues going on. As brilliant and engaged as his teacher is I can see he may need more help than she can give during the day.

We have finally seen a Pediatrician that I adore and is a leader in the field of Spectrum Disorders. We are looking at possible Aspergers Diagnosis- which has always been a possibility, it's just he doesn't meet about 50% of the criteria but the rest to a tee.

And there's the rub.

YES he can communicate - he never shuts up. YES he can hold a conversation. YES he can play with other children happily (under certain circumstances).
NO he isn't totally obsessive about things. NO he doesn't line up pencils in a straight line. NO he wasn't programming computers at the age of 2. And he can't count cards.

Small grumble here - YES Spectrum Disorders seem to be the new black....that's because there are rising numbers of them. NO you are not an expert because your 2nd cousin is autistic and he doesn't act like that. YES he seems fine when you see us at the shops (because I have primed him for 2 hours before we leave the house), YES he had fun at your kids birthday party and had perfect manners (and you didn't see the 3 hour manic meltdown and screaming when he got home overloaded out of his brain) - because when you say those things to me...or infer there isn't enough discipline, or that I don't handle him as well as I could YOU PISS ME OFF ROYALLY.

No one knows my son as well as I do, I am not stupid and have read volumes on the subject of the Spectrum (and if you knew me well enough you would have noticed that my spazzy quirks give an indication of where Cyclone got it from). This isn't going to end in the near future so if you don't mind please just leave it up to me, I'm happier chatting to those on my online community that know what it's like first hand and pass me a virtual joint when I need it....



Jen said...

*Sigh* I know exactly of everthing you speak here ESPECIALLY stupid peoples stupid comments. Stay strong in what you know and put on your 'I can't hear stupid people hat' whenever they're around! I hope you get a diagnosis soon and the school becomes a little easier for your boy (((hugs)))

Lucy said...

Luce, I have zero knowledge. But I get an enormous sense of your "pissedoffedness" (if that is ever gonna be a word, you heard it here first!). SO hugs for that. xx

Lori said...

Zero knowledge here too. But hats off to you Lu, you're an amazing mummy.

E. said...

Boy Child sounds similar to your list at that age, communication check etc. He was diagnosed at 6 with Aspergers.

My boss at work said to me as we were going through the process Autism is the new ADHD.

Good luck with getting some answers / assistance. Cyclone's teacher sounds lovely.

Madmother said...

Doncha lurve the armchair experts?

The "in my limited experience with my cousin's sister's cleaner's nephew's cat - they all have Asperger Syndrome you know - I am positive it is your lack of belting the crap out of said child that results in the behaviour. Just my honest, honoured opinion..."

Gotta love it!