Saturday, March 6, 2010

Holy Hailstorm Batman!

O lordy! What a fabulous storm!

It hit with force, suddenly there was gale force winds and sheets of rain. I remembered my car was out the front with all windows down (a usual reason for it to rain), and as I raced out to move it, the golfballs hit.

Disco thought this was a prime time to escape since I left the back gate open but didn't get too far before being pelted on the butt so she zoomed back in on her own accord.

By the time I got back in both children were totally hysterical. My house is old with a tin roof, so on top of the rain being deafening there was the added horror of bomb like noises as the golfballs hit the weatherboards. I screamed at them to stay away from the windows whilst I ran outside to collect a few trophies for later inspection (call me Dangermouse).

I calmed the children with a very LOUD lecture on the wonders of Mother Nature before remembering my bedroom roof sometimes leaks, so I ran up there to discover a new water feature above my bed.

I dragged the bedding off and water literally splashed up the walls - sheesh! The kids sprung into action and ran to get bowls and containers from the kitchen. Note the DOG BOWL in this pic....bless Betty Boos cotton socks.
P.S under the bowls is a rubber backed curtain I keep just in case of roof leakage. No I don't have sheets THAT UGLY...I need you to know that.

About half an hour after it was all over I noticed this

I'm glad the curtains were still drawn, I would have been picking glass out of my soggy bedroom walls.
I heard these storms were coming and yesterday I ran up the ladder and cleaned out the gutter in preparation. I was feeling very smug in a I-am-woman-hear-me-roar kind of way - don't need no man around here - nyah nyah etc etc.
But I left the ladder up against the wall and IRONY of IRONIES....since the wind was howling parallel to the window I strongly suspect the hailstone actually ricocheted off the ladder.....



Jen said...

Buggar about the ricochetting hailstone! I hope other than the window that you didn't suffer too much damage. Did the car survive? A friends two cars have both been declared write off thanks to the storm damage.