Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I hate it, but I NEEEEEED it!

I've sadly realised that as much as I hate Coca-Cola and everything it stands for, it's actually the only (legal) thing that gets me through the afternoons. Nothing else does it. I've just finished reading 2 different memoirs of drug addicts and their paths to sobriety and through all the tales of madness and cocaine addiction, there was no mention of a tidy house so I won't even bother going down that track.
A lovely afternoon Scooby would only create far more mess in the kitchen.
I assume an E would do nothing but make me dance around the house like a spaz...which I can do myself without help thank you very much.

Yesterday I had been up since 5am, the kids were home from school and kinder and I surveyed the state of the house with a dread. I know I have to sort this mess out but I'm too bloody tired.

And if I don't it continues to get worse. I already find it hard to complete things because of the constant interruptions of either WW3, someone at the door, the phone ringing, the children making snacks when I am outside hanging the washing (oh dear LORD), WW5, the dog tormenting the cat and WW5.

I used to have a can of the stuff in the fridge for days like this but in an effort to preserve my teeth and reduce my ever softer and pudgier waistline I have forgone my afternoon wakeup call. I didn't think it made a difference until yesterday.

Scorpio left a bottle of coke here, so I had a glass at 4pm.


4 loads of washing folded AND put away.
Kitchen clean tidied AND the sink polished.
Bathroom tidied.
2 kids bathed and jarmied, various World Wars resolved.
Awesomely yummy, nutritious dinner made and fully consumed by BOTH children.
Kitchen cleaned up and returned to previously shiny state.
Dishwasher loaded.
House swept
Bedrooms tidied, teeth brushed, both kids asleep by 7.45pm

1 glass of coke apparently means 3 hours of GO GO GO around here. I KNOW everyone else in the world does this routinely but I got behind and apathy has been sitting on my head.

Not anymore...


Lori said...

Go the Coke I reckon- Lulu's on the hard stuff!!

Katt said...

I relate lmao!

E. said...

Maybe if I change from coffee to Coke things would get doen around here.

Oh wait... I'm trying to cut down the caffiene. Darn it!

MaMaMe said...

Oh...that's why my house is a mess!

Lucy@DiminishingLucy said...

Whatever works my lovely Lucy, whatever works. And of Coke be it, then you are off very lightly I reckon!