Monday, March 15, 2010

Goodbye Old Friend

Our Jackaran Bounty Boy – otherwise known as Tyson.

Also known as Little Man, Tysie Boy and You Rotten Old Stinker. He died yesterday aged 16 years and 3 days.

16 years of undivided loyalty and companionship, 16 years of memories. He was an awesome legendary dog and loved by all he encountered. It might be hard to tell but Ty was a brindle purebred English Staffordshire Terrier.

I remember when Scorpio brought him home – I was always greeted at the gate by a bundle of energy in the form of a concrete block on legs, the staffy smile wide on his face and a demand for attention that could not be ignored.
Scorpio took him everywhere, to work, to the shops - those two were never apart and they adored each other.

Tyson was a part of our family and he never let us forget it. During conversations he would join in – talking back to us in his funny growly bark. If we had friends over and he wasn’t paid enough attention he would bark sharply until he was included in the fun. At night watching telly or when I was working at my desk Tysie would be at my feet, leaning on my legs just to be close. He also liked to be under things….curtains, throw rugs, tablecloths. He would wind himself around in blankets until he looked like a Babushka and have a nap.

Scorpio always let Tyson sleep on the bed with him, but I have never agreed with dogs on the furniture so things changed when Scorpio moved in with me. Poor Tysie used to stand at the bedroom door giving me the most reproachful looks. No one does reproachful like Tyson did. It melted my heart….but not much because sleeping with a concrete block on your legs is NOT fun. It didn’t stop him though, even though he was about 10 years old and even though I have a huge big old bed a few feet off the floor Tyson could still manage to jump up and snuggle in without me noticing he was there till morning. Ninja Staffy.

Tyse became my boy. When I was pregnant he was my shadow, when I brought Cyclone home from the hospital he sniffed him and looked at me as if to say “I will always look after my brother”…and he did.

I will never forget having an argument with Scorpio, we were yelling at each other in the kitchen and Tyson joined in. Scorpio stopped suddenly and left the room. Later he said he took one look at Tyson by MY side, yelling back at him and his heart nearly broke because he felt like he lost his dog to me.

To Be Continued....


Lucy said...

Good job you stopped there. Bawling. So so so sorry Luce. xxx

Kellyansapansa said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this. Big hugs to you and your family on your loss.

Lady Astrid said...

So sorry to read of his passing. He sounded like a fantastic dog. How is Cyclone dealing with it?

Bec said...

AWW so sorry sad :( Has me in tears just thinking about when our gorgeous staffy will pass too one day. So sorry for your loss...he sounds like a wonderful best friend. xxx

E. said...

Sorry for the loss of Tyson.

MaMaMe said...

AWwww, he sounds like a beautiful dog.

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