Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Feedback please!

I got heaps of yummy reports back on my pull apart bread thingos from back THIS POST

and I'd like to know what fillings you used if you don't mind. What combination did you come up with? My faves are always the ones using left over bits of stuff and it's amazing what you can come up with. So leave a comment and let me know!

Today I messed with it a little and used Wholemeal SR flour with great success. I try to use wholemeal rather than super refined stuff and I like to hide vegies in everything possible a la Mrs Seinfeld, so I added a big spoonful of pureed sweet potato to a few spoonfuls of pasta sauce kicking around in the fridge. Then sprinkled grated tasty cheese and blobs of cream cheese all over the dough in case it got a bit dry.

I steam or roast all different vegies, puree and freeze in ziplock bags or ice-cube trays (just like when the kids were liddle bubbies) and stick the stuff in everything.

My aim is to get a vegetable in every, single thing I make for them in the snack department. Both little ones can go through picky, picky, picky stages - Betty Boo can go without anything decent for DAYS on end so this makes me feel slightly better.

So come on, give me your inventions and variations!

And I might even send a teeny prize to the one I like the best tee hee...but you have to be a follower!!!!


Jen said...

I made a vegemite' and grated cheese half for K for school and a tomato paste, cheese and Italian herbs half for me got work. Next I thought of maybe using the purée apple left over in the fridge with maybe cinnamon and choc bits? Also want up make a garlic and herb one to go with dinner! I can't thank you enough for posting this last time, it really is so easy :)

Lucy said...

You are freaking me out. I just logged on to get your recipe from your old post and here you are posting about them again. I am making these today (or something like them, depending on the state of my larder) for school sports day cake stall. (Will that job never effing end?!) So I shall let you know..............

MrsB said...

I made it with tomato paste, ham and cheese - absolutely divine!

Cailin said...

They were awesome!

I did garlic, onion and bacon. I had everything in the cupboard/freezer. Was a great lunch for when there is nothing left in the freezer.

You must have read my mind because I plan on playing with the recipe for both savory and sweet.

Some savory combinations I thought of were:

Mayo, ham, cheese & Spring onions
Basil Pesto, Chicken and Feta
Olive, Capsicum, Spring onion, Cream Cheese & Cheese
Cabernet/Fig Paste, Leek & Brie

Some sweet combinations:
Adding cocoa to the dough, nutella spread, dotted with fresh raspberries, topped with a chocolate icing drizzle.
Diced Pear with chocolate buds
Cinnamon Roll (Cinnamon sugar and butter inside) style with a Coffee Icing

They aren't all that healthy and not really incorporating too many veg LOL but combo's we'd all love for sure.

Also don't forget you can add dried or fresh herbs to the dough just as you can add cocoa, cinnamon, citrus zest or other flavours for sweet.

Cailin said...

Ooooo another combo I just thought of would be apple, cinnamon and sugar, topped with a cream cheese icing and a baked crumble topping.

Lucy said...

Cai, STOP IT! I wanna go make even more now!!

I just did some mini ones with mild English mustard, ham and cheese. I also did smoked bacon and grated mozzerela.

And I also did some sweet ones, mini again, with apricot jam and chopped dried apricots. (I am embarassed to admit Ijust burnt my tongue on one of those.)

(I will post snaps later, once chores are done.....)

Lulu said...


Jen, I think you should add grated apple as well and don't be afraid to throw the cinnamon around!

Anonymous said...

I done a few combos with these

Just good old cheese
Cheese and ham
Cheese and homemade relish
Sweet potato and parmesan

Basically I do try and use what is around the kitchen.

Now, here is something different. My mum used to make a pie with a really doughy top, something which I really missed. I was thinking it was a lot like a scone dough. I had some left over goulash, so I put that into the bottom of a pie dish, covered it in a layer of the dough and baked till done. It was very yummy.

twitter/mrskan said...

okay Lulu i made-

Cheese and chives
sweet chilli and hommus
rasberry jam and philly

and of course nutella and peppermint crisp.

twitter/mrskan or m22 on BB said...

opps! my twitter picture is alice in effing wonderland or m22 on BB :)

The Fat Lady said...

Just made apple pie fruit and cinnamon sugar, waiting for it to cool to taste it.

Whoever used basil pesto, you're awesome and I wanna marry you and you and cook me pesto scrolls all day long *mwah*