Saturday, March 27, 2010

Taking care of yourself.

So, I'm a pretty busy person -but aren't we all?

We often leave ourselves last on the 'taking care of' lists and this is a HUGE mistake. I put myself first where I can - cos if the mumma ain't happy, ain't NO ONE happy. If I'm feeling tired and ratty everyone suffers, but me foremost because then I feel guilty about being tired and ratty.

This is what I do to take care of me and it works every time. I can't afford the time or the money to get to a salon so I pamper myself.

Instructions - to give you NO excuse not to do this in the next week

Run a deep bath and put smelly girly stuff in. Take the weekend magazines in with you because it doesn't matter if they get wet.
Soak for awhile and read.
Apply face mask.
Apply hair conditioning treatment.
Soak longer whilst it works the magic.
Apply body scrub and scrub down all the bits you can reach.
Rinse everything off.
Into the shower for a final rinse


OR if you are a dedicated bath freak do it like this.

Apply face and hair treatments.
Run bath.
Clip your toenails in front of the telly whilst no one is watching.
Run shower, rinse everything off.
Do body scrub and rinse.
THEN hop into a luxurious bath and soak away.

Let your hair dry naturally - give it a rest from the dryer.

Hop into nice, fresh sheets and dream a good dream. This is guaranteed after a good pamper session. You will feel every inch of you is shiny and new.

I'll stick up some recipes for easy scrubs and treatments later on. In fact I'm going to keep this going as it is a subject close to my heart.

Taking care of YOU.



Lucy said...

I love you. I love your blog. I want your recipes for such scrubs.

Jen said...

That sounDs devine! :) I can't wait to read the scrub recipes also :)

E. said...

I need a long relaxing bath. I haven't had one in ages. I used to have one at least once a week but it has gone by the wayside.

Maybe that's why I am grumpy at the moment. Time to look after me I think.