Sunday, March 28, 2010

More Bitchin

Oh NOTHING gets me going more than the weekend papers. I have no idea why I picked up the Sunday Herald Sun today but I did and now I need to bleach my eyeballs.

How's this "Changers reveal rebels within" 2 page spread with subtitles such as "Open to a new path", Throwing in the Rat Race" and "Spiritual search for a simpler life".
Banging on about how people are (all of a sudden???) looking for a more spiritual path because their lives are lacking. Really?

Three stories of highly educated (probably educated for FREE mind you) people coming from privileged backgrounds who grew up in the most salubrious suburbs - who have thrown in their long and lucrative careers in Medicine, Law and IT in search of a "more meaningful and ethical life".

And what did they do?

The Doctor read Eat, Pray, Love - got a divorce, chucked in her career in medicine (in her 50's), went on a "pilgrimage" and now studies alternative therapies and dyed her hair pink for some credibility. That's a midlife crises bought on by a book endorsed by Oprah for fucks sake.

The Lawyer gave up his Mercedes to go live in an Ashram and share a bathroom with 4 people, does yoga and chants alot. Can't roll my eyes enough here - plenty of people share a bathroom with 4 other FAMILIES.

The IT Dude just scrapes through. Just. After a very successful athletics career he made a motza in internet marketing. Then his wife died, so he took his bundles of cash and now arranges fundraising events for charity. On second thought, he doesn't scrape through because he clearly doesn't have to work anymore and is a glorified party planner.

So according to this article in order to make some sort of ethical change in your life you are required stick your head up your arse and/or navel gaze until you are cross eyed in an effort to work out what makes YOU happy.

NOT contribute to the world or your community, NOT share any of your privilege and education to change the lives of those far less fortunate.

And what a difference they could make, with such little effort.

Pack of self-indulgent fuckwits.

Over and out.