Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dog-ter shopping

Other people go Doctor Shopping to keep up their addictions to prescription pills.

I however invented Dog-ter shopping.

This is fluffy mutt. This is also living proof that I am a horrible mutt-mummy.

See when the fluffster arrived in our lives we were told she might need clipping 3 times a year. Handleable. Even more handleable because this breed doesn't drop hair everywhere, and you all know how much I hate dog hair. In any case this was a big fat lie because she needs clipping waaaay more than that.

I used to take her to the salon regularly, then I got very busy with 2 more babies and a home business so I got a home dog wash to come visit every 2-3 months and that was terrific.
Then the dog lady stopped coming. Just like that. Fluffy mutt got hairier and hairier then she would get so bad I would have to take her to a salon looking terribly embarrassed by the state of her. *Please remember I had 2 sleepless children and was losing my mind at this stage.

Occasionally I would take to her with the kitchen scissors and didn't do a great job but it just had to do.

Then it would all start again I would have to find a new dog salon because I couldn't stand the reproachful looks of the groomer when we both slunk into the shop.

Fluffy Mutt should have learnt by now to stay out of the kitchen when Teen Queen is dying her hair...

Then I ran out of money completely, ironically having plenty of time to take her to a salon.....but I can't drive to the other side of town in search of someone that won't give me THE LOOK.

So it's been kitchen scissors aplenty around here, sometimes I find it quite cathartic cutting off the dreadlocks whilst she snores.

In any case, Scorpios mum 'borrowed' Fluffy Mutt for a few days to keep her remaining dog company for awhile as he is missing Tyson (as are we all *sob). She returned her today - all groomed as a thank you.

Here she is all shiny and new!

And I know your first impression will be awwww, isn't she lovely? Your second thought will be "how can you let her get so hairy"?

I know, I know - I'm crap...

My next husband should be a dog groomer.


Lucy said...

Oh Lucy. My Mum's Tibetan Spaniel is similar. He lives with us more than he should and needs his pamper more than he gets. 'Tis life......

Lulu said...

oh you are kidding! Fluff is a Llasa Apso and I think they are also called Tibetan Spaniels?

Lori said...

Hahaha. Sorry. That poor dog Lulu!! I really shouldn't be laughing, but every time I look at the hair dye picture I just can't stop.

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