Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cool School Photos

I can't wait to get Cyclones first school photos. Even more so because they are so cool.

I was thrilled to see the way they do the school photos - geeze they are expensive even in kinder.
I have been going through alot of old photos recently and found my stash of school pics of both Teen Queen and what really stood out - apart from my Yr12 photo wearing a Guns N Roses T-shirt and black jeans stoned out of my tree *cringe *giggle - was how "stiff" they are.

There are the few grins, a lot of vaguely uptight looks and really no one is having fun.

Not at Cyclones little school. They take the usual individual shots and the class ones. They also do friend and family groups and the kids can do whatever they want. No stiff poses and unsure smiles here! The kids are clowning around, arms around each other and true, happy smiles everywhere.
Also on offer is a full school pic. Every student and teacher and as many animals as they can round up on the day.

You should see the class shots - all the kids get into ridiculous poses and pull faces with their teacher right alongside them all.

Now THAT's the kind of class photo I want....