Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Pic by Simon Frost

Scorpio again has outdone himself. He always has something interesting happen to him (and it usually involves the police somehow) but this one? Woooooooooo!

He came in late last night with a very weird look on his face. Pour me a drink and listen to this, I'm totally freaked out. Mmmmkay dear.

So he was driving back here, it was raining lightly. Out of nowhere a man appeared in the median strip and stepped straight into the path of the little white car ahead.

He watched in horror as the man flew up and over the little white car. Scorpio swerved but felt the impact on the side of the car as he hit the man as well. A sick making thud.
Scorpio stops, the white car has half run onto the pavement - both drivers and a passenger get out and look at each other in sheer horror. The man in white car keeps saying, "he came out of nowhere, he came out of nowhere!".

They can't find the man they hit.

They search everywhere in the rain. Another man who was behind Scorpio also stopped and brings out a huge torch. They call an ambulance and the police.

The police arrive and get the spotlights out. Nothing. Another squad car arrives, they search too. Still nothing. An older cop gathers everyone together - all 4 witness and takes their names. He takes a breath and says - you probably won't hear anything from us. This has happened before along this stretch of road. I don't know what you believe in, and I don't know what to tell you except this has happened before.

They check the cars. NO DAMAGE. The little white car hit him head on, Scorpio hit him right on the indicator area of my car. NO DAMAGE. Nothing.

This was an a main road through a suburban area. Scorpio can't stop talking about the horrible crunch and the noise - how he felt the impact.

He didn't sleep well last night, the whole episode kept playing over in his mind. He remembers the hoodie and trackpants the guy was wearing - the look of horror on the faces of the first driver and his wife......and the quiet realisation that came over everyone that was there. The other drivers, the police and the ambos.



Nelle said...

That is crazy Lu. I wonder why it happens.

The Fat Lady said...

Oh far out, I have my own theories about this stuff - but all my hairs just stood on end. FREAKY DEAKY!

Sarah said...

Ooooooh cold shiver.

Lucy said...

That is freaky. I am just off to bed and it is raining. I am gonna have spooky dreams I think!

Wanderlust said...

Weirdness. Hopefully his ass was bumped back through the tunnel of light or whatever.

You've been tagged in a meme, btw. I know, I'm sorry.

feltpets said...

Heck! Which road, so I can avoid it!