Monday, May 10, 2010

No fluffy slippers and an Ode To My Bed

Oh joy. Mothers Day 2010. THE Perfect Day.

Sleep in. Wake to the sounds of Scorpio trying to keep the children away from the bedroom door.

Wake properly when he relents and the children pounce on me screaming HAPPY MUVVERS DAY!!!! Kisses and cuddles aplenty. Handmade gifts that make me cry

Breakfast in bed, lunch in bed, endless cups of tea in bed, United States of Tara in bed, Season 8 of Scrubs and Sunday papers IN BED.

The kids come in and out through the day and we eat Toblerone chocolate together. After lunch Scorpio took them out to play with their cousins so I had a shower, put on my new pajamas (my next favourite thing after bed is PJ's!). Shook the crumbs from the sheets, remade the bed and tidied the floor.

And got back into bed.

I even ate Pizza for dinner IN BED. Teen Queen made an appearance for that and also polished off the rest of the chocolate.

Which reminds me - no matter how much of a hardass I was to my Teen Queen, no matter how I embarrassed her by refusing to allow her to drink, picking her up from parties, not allowing her to stay over at boys houses (or anyone I didn't know), making her go to school and FORCING her to load the dishwasher, stand up straight and speak clearly, she still loves me.

Teen Queen actually went without and saved her pennies to buy her mumma some Bling


Fiona said...

As much as she tests you its obvious how much she loves and respects you!! What a gorgeous gift from a great young woman!

So Now What? said...

Inspiration. My mum did all of that to me and I reckon I turned out OK. So, thank you for letting me know it's still working :) Sounds like a blissful day

Lucy said...

Oh God Luce, your day sounded utterly delicious. xx

Andrea said...

Sounds like a great day! especially the Pizza in bed! I think TQ is going to do you proud!!

Wanderlust said...

Wow, sounds like a wonderful day! Congrats. My kids accosted me early with handmade cards and gifts, which really can't be beat. While I really didn't want to be awakened at 7:30, it's pretty sweet to have anyone that excited to give me a gift!