Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Time!

oh Yeah.

I've been given this award by E who likes Whining at the World, and for a change I am going to PING it back straight away instead of writing it down in my diary and leaving it there.

Here are 10 things that make me happy. Yeah, love my family, love my pets, love chocolate - that's a given.

1) Laughing - it's my favourite thing in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE
2) Sleeping children
3) Solitude
4) Bed
5) Tequila and Vodka Martinis
6) My friends
7) Turkey rolls with peanut butter, cheese and carrot
8) Learning new stuff
9) A great cut and colour
10) Long, hot baths

Now I tag

Growing Nelle
Lady of the Longhouse
BM I don't care
So Now What
Time in the Jungle

I better go tell everyone, I never do when I tag them!
If you don't do these things, that's cool. I love the awards and memes, I'm just hopeless at keeping them going.



So Now What? said...

Thank you lovely. Firstly for tagging me (I will do my best to actually do it too - am a bit shit at doing them, not for lack of wanting to, just because it goes on my To Do list, which I just, well don't do and secondly because you've advised me about nits, teens and mosh pits. So so much to look forward to :)

Wanderlust said...

Cool, thank you! I love getting awards. I'm not very good at keeping on top of them but I'll turn it around (eventually) I promise. Thanks so much. And oh, so with you on the sleeping children!

The Aldo's. said...

hmmm, not only am i a crap blogger i don't seem to understand the rules of the blogging world. What exactly does it mean to be tagged?! What are the rules of this game??