Monday, May 17, 2010


Today was interesting. I got a phone call from Scorpio that word on the street was that my hairdresser (and friend) is having an affair with her brother in law and is also adopted.

This is funny because it's not true, but I thought I schlep on over to her place for a giggle. My hairdresser seems to attract nutters to her every so often so I thought I'd let her know she has a new one.

Yes we laughed, yes she was aware of the 'rumour' and by the way what's the deal with the hat Lulu?

"Ach JessTress, my hair has gone all greasy again so I'm not washing it for awhile to balance out the oils and stuff".

Dead silence.

"It's an urban myth isn't it?"




Lucy said...

No way??!!

Ahhhah. That is hilarious!

And I did the urban stunking myth twice.....what a feckin' idiot do I feel now?!

Wanderlust said...

How come no one starts rumors about me having affairs? Come on people. Talk!

Anonymous said...

So what are you meant to do to fix you hair then? I find the longer I leave mine between washing the better. I suffer from oily roots and dry ends.

Lori @ RRSAHM said...

I didn't want to burst your bubble.

Have you tried washing it with bicarb and apple cider vinegar...?

Lulu said...

wouldn't it fizz right up Lori? COOL!

I'm going to bleach shampoo it soon so that will pull alot of the oiliness out....

Nelle said...

Ooh. Haha. Probably not washing altogether isn't clever, because hair does get dirty like the rest of us, BUT I have heard of people giving harsh shampoo a miss and using what Lori suggests. ChocolateCatty from BB did it, and I think it worked for her? I can ask if you like.

I'm not convinced that it's ALL urban myth...shampoo does strip all the oil from our hair.