Saturday, May 15, 2010

Oil Slick

Even Neils hair looks better than mine right now.

I'm not washing it for 2 weeks, if I can last the distance. I need to restore the oil/hair balance since I find myself having to wash it every day. Not good, especially now its long again.

I always have a 12 month hair plan, yes I do. I don't go around chopping it off or colouring it because I'm bored, cos that's how I get into trouble and end up with crapola fuzz instead of hair. I love dramatic change and often - don't get me wrong.

My hair grows so fast I don't mind going super short, or platinum blonde, then 8 different colours at once, then chocolate brown - ah you get the picture, I just have it planned out in advance and according to the seasons.

SHUDDUP - it's one of the few things I actually can control around here!

So lucky it's winter, I have hats and I look rather fetching with braids.

What a boring post.


Nelle said...

Headbands are your friend, for sure!

My hair is oily too...and I wash (with tiny amounts of shampoo) most days! Stupid thin hair. I think I'll have to go short...Rans wants me to go blonde. I couldn't be less convinced if I tried.

Let us know how the hair journey goes!

Lucy said...

Luce, I have had to restrain myself from the hairwash for weeks on end a couple of times. The first time was to fix the oil balance (SO dry it was green, from years of constant swimming in an ovr chlorinated pool. The second time was to allow my stressy scalp to calm down in an attempt to fix some horrible alopecia issues.

Both times I went the russian peasant look......headscarfes...I actually got really fond......

Are you wetting it at all? Blood temp rainwater was all I allowed myself, once a week.

After a three weels, mine stopped smelling, and started to be a bit gorgeous....


Lucy said...

Sorry, Bad typos. A tad too much smoke I think, LOL!