Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I got the time but the time don't pay

Love that song - heard it yet? It totally rocks and it's my new soundtrack - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7G3h17i6xEM

But this post isn't about that - it's about why I cook.

Now I said from the start that this is never going to be a recipe blog and it's NOT. But I have from time to time posted a few of my own with my typical Unperfect instructions. I actually have quite a crappy relationship with food myself and my attention span is too short to be a really dedicated foodie.

I am however a technical type of foodologist, and that all started the first semester of Nutrition at college - in which the class collectively lost about 30 kilos. I highly recommend it if you want to lose weight yourself. When you find out the hideous amounts of utter CRAP jammed into "food" these days it's relatively easy to not eat it.

There isn't any real food in supermarkets, I promise. Anything that can stay on the shelf for anything longer than 3 days (short of things like flour, sugar, honey etc) stopped being food the day it was sealed in 'fresh' foil, plastic or even brown paper to really suck you in.

If you can READ you can COOK. There isn't any excuse. Don't whine at me that you don't have the time - if I can do it ANYONE can.

AAAAANND the best bit of cooking - is that it does save you time and money. If you do it right.

Always cook huge batches, you may as well because it probably adds about 10 minutes overall to cook double of something and freeze it for another day. You can have an entire WEEK off cooking by doing this......and there is nothing better than being tired and remembering you need only defrost a meal at the end of the day.

I made 8 DOZEN biscuits today (cookies if you are a Yank), vanilla, vanilla choc chip and double chocolate. I'm not crazy enough to bake it all at once - just roll the dough in cling wrap and freeze it. Bake as you need. I think that lot cost me about $5.

Arrange swaps with friends. One can do a big batch of soup, one spagetti sauces and maybe one can do bikkies/muffins. Everyone will have half their weeks dinner and snacks done with one Sunday afternoon frenzy.

Loud music and a glass or three of wine is a must for me. Kids should always be included if you can stand it.

So I cook because I am sanctimonious and povvo......but it's also one of the reasons I have managed for so long on so little!



Lucy said...

"If you can read, you can cook." I am so stealing that! xx

The Jaded Vixen said...

How right you are. I am enjoying freezing soups and I just discovered that my shortbread bikkies freeze too! Makes the work so much easier. I cook/bake every 2nd sunday!

Wanderlust said...

I'm on a whole foods diet at the moment to try to help my migraines and yeah, it's amazing how much I can't eat. Everything is procesed and packed with chemicals and god knows what. Uck.

Lucy said...

Tagged you over here, whenever...