Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dear Everyone....

Dear Batchelor,

I understand you are a tidy man and I appreciate that. I hope you can appreciate that I am tidy too, but take a little longer get around to things as I am often negotiating peace deal #267, taking multiple phone calls and dressing errant children.
Yes I have noticed you have a 'thing' about getting rid of paper after I found you throwing out some of my notes and mail. Making me think I am going crazy is one thing, but throwing out a PRISTINE stack of unread weekend newspapers is just going too far.

Dear Cyclone,

I know things have changed around here lately but I was wondering if you could try to get out of the right side of bed in the morning? Barking orders at me and ranting at the lack of Nutri Grain in the house before I am fully awake is a crappy way to start the day.
Also - are you aware it's not actually compulsory to push your sister over when she walks past you?

Dear Betty Boo,

I know your brother is horrible to you when he is in a bad place, but I wish you would stop the head splitting screams. I have thought about it at length and have decided it is preferable to hear you call him a fricken idiot under your breath than have my ears bleed by 8.30am every morning.

Yours Truly

Lulu, Mummy


Lucy said...

Hahhah, does Betty Boo really say that? Priceless! xx

Andrea said...

I love your sense of humour Lucy, a very sane way of dealing with things. Your point to Cyclone rang with me as I was cranky at the lack of milk this morning - not going to growl now xx

Lady Astrid said...

Ha ha - good one. I think if started one with my household I would not stop!