Monday, July 19, 2010


So I lashed out this weekend and took myself off for a massage.

In Warburton, one of the prettiest (if not THE prettiest) towns in Victoria. I love this place, it's only 90 minutes away in the hills and just being there makes me feel calmer. Summer is just as lovely and the river is a perfect place to cool off but sometimes a little scary on a hot windy day. It was sheer luck and a change of wind direction that spared Warburton from tragedy on Black Saturday.

I walked into the Wellbeing Centre strung higher than a racehorse, and walked out after an hour with Manfred floating an inch off the floor. $65 for an hour of heaven - well half an hour really - I should have warned Manfred he would need a meat tenderiser to get my shoulders down from around my ears before he could get me into a workable state.
Truly, my voice was about 3 octaves lower and the static in my head was down 95%. I rugged up and spent nearly an hour wandering down the main street and fossicking in the shops.

Some handmade soap and 2 second-hand books later I headed home for a bath and a facial.

Total bliss, highly recommended.


Lucy said...

Beautiful. I am glad. xx

Lady Astrid said...

Ooh Warbie. I do miss that place, it was a dream place to live.

Happy you got some "me" time