Sunday, July 25, 2010

Yummy skin for winter

So we have spent the last few weeks wearing layers and rugged up against the cold, curled up in front of the heater and blasting our electric blankets as high as they can go.

Therefore it's time for a good body scrub to get rid of all the (eewwww) layers of dead skin building up.

Here are a couple of very EASY and basic body scrubs -

Easy 1
Favourite moisturiser + a handful of salt OR sugar. Yep that's it. I prefer salt myself. Mix in a small bowl so it's a bit runnier than a paste.

Easy 2
Salt or sugar + Extra Virgin Olive Oil (or avocado, almond, even a massage oil). Add a drop or two of lavender if you like.

Green Tea
For something a little more refreshing use half a cup of sugar, a teaspoon (or bag) of green tea leaves, add your oil of choice and stir together.

Oat Scrub
Half a cup of Quick Oats (if you only have rolled oats or oatmeal you should whizz them in a blender first.
Half a cup of sugar, mix it up with your oil of choice.

I put my hair up, jump into the shower (and therefore always use plastic containers to mix the scrubs!) wet myself down then scrub in a circular motion. Don't go too hard - let the exfoliant do the work.

I start with my boobs, then tummy and legs, then arms/shoulders of course paying attention to knees, elbows and heels. Get someone to do your back for you. Heaven.

Rinse yourself off, pat dry and you will feel like a million dollars.

Now - like I said these are basic scrubs. All you need is an exfoliant and a moisture base.

Exfoliants - Ground Oats/Oatmeal. Salt. Sugar - white/caster, brown sugar is lovely and not as rough.

Moisture Base - any type of oil. Plain Olive Oil can be a bit heavy (and smelly), so I use the extra virgin. I just love olive oil for everything.

- green tea leaves, your fave essential oil, honey, bi-carb soda - oh just chuck a bit of that in anyway, it's great stuff too.

I only ever make enough for one use. You probably could make a big jarful and store it but there could be an issue with spoilage, unless you have a mainly salt base.

So go ahead and have fun, make up your own personal blend with all your favourites or just do the most basic for a very quick, yet very effective skin pick-me-up.

Yes you can use them on your face. Just go very gently ok?


Sarah said...

Oh this is so cool :) My skin is very sensitive so all natural home made stuff is awesome for me, I am totally making some this week :)

Mrs Neurotic said...

Keep this shizzle up yo.