Monday, July 12, 2010

For the love of The Hat

I love hats.

I have several but I've lost more than I possess but right now I'm travelling just fine with one pink and one black knitted cap. Toasty.

My first fave was my black Greek Fisherman Hat and it was worn to death, I've gone through a pink cowboy hat phase before I switched to white.

I have a couple of these little numbers in storage somewhere

My brother gave me an Afghanistan Freedom Fighter hat for my 21st, but I didn't wear that around much - it was waaay hot.

I love straw hats, I especially love great big floppy black ones for summer.

I have plenty of gardening hats - that's where my glam summer hats go to retire when they have been sat on or drowned in the pool once too often.

For the life of me I can't understand why more people aren't wearing hats.

It's FREEZING. You lose all that heat off your head AND fashion opportunities AND ways to cover your cold, limp hair.

I have some lovely brass hooks I am going to drill into the walls at my new house (when no one is looking) - no home is complete without somewhere to hang your hat.



Lucy said...

You & Lexie sing the same song. She tells me that she doesn't feel properly dressed without a "hatton"