Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Very Bad Things Part 5

Oh I am ROTTEN, I really am.

Last week The Bachelor asked me to do an errand for him. I am happy to help him like that because I like living in his house. He gave me his keycard.

I had several things on the list, but when I got to the shopping centre I completely forgot what they were.

There are so many huge sales on.....you know where this is going right?

Yeah, I gave his card a flogging. Well, it was only a medium sized flogging -ok?

I bought 2 skirts, 3 tops and a new hat and quite frankly it's all his fault.

WHY? Because he gave me his key card.

He KNOWS me, he knows what I'm like and also knows I haven't bought myself any new clothes since the last Ice Age.

He also told me a few weeks ago that he got a huge amount back from his tax.

He knows I have an important party to go to.

So as you can see, The Batchelor asked me...NO, begged me to run amok at his expense.

When I came out of my spell, and looked down at all the bags in my hand I dropped my high just a little. I felt slightly bad and I tried my best to remember what I was really supposed to be doing. For the life of me I could not remember what he wanted me to do for him.

So I bought him some socks.

The End.


Lucy said...

For real? Oh sweets, I am in awe.....

Fiona said...

And what did he say when you got home and told him you forgot what you were to do??

I am sure all your new things are REALLY nice and make you feel great!