Thursday, July 15, 2010

Finding a new groove

Ok, so I am going to get my backside into gear. I've dropped off on the posting a fair bit and I need to get my groove back.

I used to love Friday nights because Scorpio would arrive at my place which meant I could knock off the parenting responsibilities immediately (except for screaming orders at him from the lounge room) pour myself a drinky poo and dribble out all the ridiculousness life had brought me for the week.

Things are MENTAL around here lately, I've lost my Friday night off and I'm finding it hard to blawg. So I figure if I FORCE myself to write it might help. See because I have stopped dribbling regularly, the thoughts are backing up....since lately this is my ONLY outlet it's gonna get ugly.

I might start telling random strangers my life story. I might start telling the telemarketers Ways To Improve Their Selling Technique, or worse still I might join the Kindergarten Committee - NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I just want my groove back.....maaaaaan.


Lady Astrid said...

At least you still post more than me! I don't have much of an excuse, well I do, waiting for photos, but really that should not stop me from getting it written then posting later.

Can't wait to read what you need to get out of your system.

Lucy said...

Just write? Don't log into anything else. No Farcebook, no Google Reader, no Twatter. Just open a new blog post and write......?