Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ch Ch Ch Changes

I've been doing this for less than a year now. I started this after a friend of mine suggested I put it in writing instead of blowing her ear off every afternoon. I really enjoy blogging and in the beginning I wasn't sure what I wanted out of this.

I know what I don't want. I don't want to network, it's too much work for someone that just wants to write and try to get better at it.

I don't want sponsorship, I don't think this site will change the world.

I'm not writing "CEO inspired brilliance" or trying to "turn personal stories into universal lessons". I'll leave that shit to Dancing With The Stars or Masterchef....oh unless you count my story about why you SHOULDN'T teach your kids to call 000. Uni-fucking-versal lesson that one.

For fear of offending the shit out of everyone....sometimes the blog world feels a little like Facebook. Collecting friends, whining when someone ceases to follow. I've had someone cheerily comment on a post of mine but ran screaming back to their own blog about how offended they were at the content. Bluuergh. Can't be fucked.

I'm decluttering. I'm changing over to following some blogs by RSS because I have too many and keep missing things and feel like I can't keep up.

I suppose I just want to let everyone know I'm 'dropping out'. There's things about the blog world that ain't my style and I'm not dissing it or anyone but I just don't want to play is all.

But I will confess I fucking HATE Post It Note Tuesday, it's my one day of the week I can catch up my reading and I'm confronted by walls of fucking post it notes AAaggghhh!


Andrea said...

I love your posts, your honesty and no bs approach. How do I follow you on RSS?

Lulu said...

No fricken idea babes! I'm going to change over my template soon so it's a bit brighter and tidier looking, I'll make sure I have an RSS feed thingo.
I thought I could follow all blogs via RSS but I can't easily find it myself!

Lady Astrid said...

Cool - you do what you want. Just keep on blogging I do enjoy what you have to say.

Lucy said...

Luce, that, I guess, is the beauty of blogging: it can be whatever you want it to be, at whatever stage you are at. The writing is therapeutic, whichever stage you're at. xx

Noel said...

All valid points, I reckon. I don't want to sell other people's shit either. This is for me!

Veronica said...

I don't do the 'follow' thing, because for me, it feels like collecting blogs just for the sake of it. You don't even have to read the blogs, you just press follow and there they are.

I subscribe to everyone via RSS (yes, you're in there) and that's it, I keep it private.

And honestly, sometimes, unsibscribe is my friend. I hate memes, awards posts, post it tuesdays, all of them. Ugh.

Assvice: Collect blogs you love the writing on, commenting there won't feel like a chore. Although, you might get intimidated like I always do.

Veronica said...

Oh and following via RSS isn't following per se. Set up your google reader and if you can't find an easy RSS button on the blog, you can just copy/paste the URL into the add new subscription bit in the Reader.

And sign up for Feedburner. That will track how many subscribers you've got. I like subscribers better than followers, because people who subscribe generally want to read your content, rather than the follow me/follow you of google followers. Does that make sense?

The Fat Lady said...

LOL Lulu, don't beat around the bush now! :)

Ahh, I try to do all those things in the hopes it'll make me one of the 'cool people', but I can never keep up. Let's hope I grow up soon and realise that I'm the one who decides if I'm cool or not :D're still blogging though, right?

Lulu said...

Thanks for those tips V! Awesome.

and yes B, I'm still blogging - otherwise I risk choking to death on my own verbal diarrhea.

Wanderlust said...

You have a subscribe (via Atom) option at the bottom of your page. Most all blogspot blogs have them. You can add an RSS feed at the top to make it easy for your readers. That's what I've done. I've put it above the follow box to encourage subscribers over followers. You can also add a subscribe via email option. I would sign up with feedburner if I were you and they will give you the code to add.