Friday, July 16, 2010

Very Bad Things Part 6

I left the bloody dog in the car - AGAIN.

No no not in the searing heat - it's freeeeeeezing here. No, not at the shopping centre, and not at the pub whilst I spend all the food money on the poker machines.

In the driveway.

Bloody mutt cries at the door as soon as she hears me pick up the keys. If I'm doing a school/kinder run I always take her. If I am heading to the local shop I take her too because she is like a kid that always wants to go for an adventure.

Most times I let her sit in the front seat (cos she is a bit of a princess), but in winter the shaggy dog can get quite soggy so I put her in the back of the station wagon and since she fell asleep on the 10 minute trip to the post office I completely forgot about her.

So 4 hours after I got home, The Batchelor rocks in the door asking if I have forgotten anything - then promptly releases an overexcited bundle off fluff down the hall and onto my face. He drove in the driveway and saw a little face in the back of the car.

Lots of lickage. Then she ran to the backyard to wee.

Anyhoo - I have resolved to only let my poochy princess in the FRONT seat of the car from now, and only in the very back when on holidays - cos I have to unpack at some point and will surely remember she is there even if she is asleep.


Lucy said...

Hahaha! I love that she is so polite that she can hold on for a wee....