Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Betty Boo goes AWOL

I finally sorted out my last few months of digital photos. Loaded them onto my laptop, categorised and named all folders. Yay and Woo Hoo for me.

I came across a random pic I must have loaded about 2 years ago. Betty Boo, beautiful child must have been about 2 years old and it brought back this memory I want to write down.

I was preparing to go back to work full time. The children were booked into daycare and I was busy making extra meals to freeze. I had sorted all the clothes, bought the little ones new back packs to take spare clothes and drink bottles and organised for Teen Queen to pick them up on the days I would be home late.

All was quiet. Too quiet - y'all know what I mean.

I popped my head into the lounge room and noted Cyclone was mesmerised by the television. Check. I found Teen Queen in her room writing angsty poetry by candlelight. Check.

Where was little Betty Boo? I looked in her bedroom. No. Not in Cyclones room. I raced to my bedroom - not there pillaging my clothes or makeup. Not in the backyard or front garden. All gates are firmly secure to guard the escape of the dogs/kids. Not in the toilet, bathroom...or anywhere.

I am just about to freak when I tell myself top stay calm and recheck.

And I found her.

Can you see?

She is under her new Hi 5 backpack. When I did the first headcount I just didn't see her there, curled up asleep under the bag that was nearly as big as she was. You can see Cyclone's back in the shot - still sucked in by the telly.

Tiny little baby girl. So excited about being a big girl with her own bag.



Lady Astrid said...

Gosh - that is just too gorgeous.

Fiona said...

Awww so sweet.

Lucy said...

That is adorable.

(And big well done on the digital photos sort. Come do mine for me?!)

Jen said...

That is incredibly sweet :) . I have just caught up on your recent posts and cyclones blog and I would love to shout you a drink! ;) . I think you're doing a terrific job at everything and I so get what you said about DD taking a back seat :( . I'll have fingers crossed for you that the school situation is sorted for cyclone soon also.