Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Story

There once was a girl and a boy. They didn’t see each other very much now. Their worlds didn’t collide, their ships didn’t even pass in the night anymore. He was a now a happy memory and She was a fragrant ghost that would return only in his dirtiest dreams.

He was busy, she was busy – they both had their own lives now.

He saw Her walking down the street and hurried across the road to talk to her. She was pleased to see him as always. As they chatted over coffee they realized work would bring them to the same city the very next week. They arranged to meet then.

She got there earlier than He and fussed about with her hair and touched up her nailpolish. Finally He arrived, not a moment too soon. They were both squirming and self conscious. They made small talk for awhile until He pulled out a joint – for old times sake. To remember the uni days, where they first made their connection. To break down the time barrier and return them to the times when things were simpler, easier and hazy with sex.

She lit the candles, he lit the joint.

They laughed. They even laughed harder. They ate all the food in the mini bar and drank all the tiny bottles of scotch and fell about laughing again.
They crawled into the bathroom, where the spa bath was waiting. Full of bubbles but cold through neglect and stoned hysteria. They crawled to the shower, managed to turn it on, sat on the floor and washed each others hair.

They fell into bed with limbs entangled and were both asleep in minutes.


True or False?


Christy said...

I vote true. LOL

Lucy said...

I hope it is true.

Andrea said...

I hope its false and the got to shag before they fell asleep!!

Lulu said...


It did happen, but they (errrm we *smirk) did get our act together in the end and shagged till dawn....