Friday, August 20, 2010

Teen Queen learns....

So...I spent alot of time consciously educating my teenage daughter about drinking. Did it work?

Here are my past posts on the subject HERE and HERE

When she was 16 she was invited to a small party. I didn't know about it until I called my father that night for a chat. Teen Queen has stayed overnight at her grandads on a Friday since she was little. Dad told me about the party and when I made seething noises down the phone he assured me he met the girls father and he seemed very very nice. I trust dad's judgement, but I was still annoyed Teen Queen hadn't mentioned it. Not much I could do now, I would ground her when she got home for not telling me she planned to go.

I had just resettled the baby and the phone rang. My blood ran cold. At 11.30pm it's never going to be good news. Scorpio picked up the phone and spoke for a bit, then passed the phone to me. "It's your mother, Teen Queen isn't hurt don't panic." My MOTHER? She lives nearly an hour away, what the?

It turns out my daughter is pissed out of her tree at this party. Her friends tried to call me but they couldn't prise the phone from her drunken fingers. She only released it on the promise no one would call me. I'm mortified - how embarrassing to hear my daughter is drunk from her grandmother!

Mum let me know the parents of the party girl were on the way to my place to drop off Teen Queen. I quickly got dressed and waited in the driveway ready to clobber whoever let my child get in that state whilst in their care. They arrived shortly after, Teen Queen in the back set with a bucket on her lap and friends on either side holding her hair out of the way. Scorpio practically carried her into the house, she could barely walk.

I squared up to the father. WHAT on earth was he doing allowing this to occur? He apologised but quickly explained he was bewildered himself. Whilst he did allow alcohol at his home, it was only a small party and he was supervising the entire time. He said one minute she was fine and chatting away, the next she just dropped to the floor. He didn't understand because she couldn't have had more than 2 drinks.

There was a horrendous noise from the house, so I thanked him and returned inside to find dear Teen Queen lying on the floor of the kitchen retching into the recycle bin. I demanded to know what she had drunk and how much. "Only one drink mummy", she said over and over (now I'm mummy lol) in between dry heaving into my bin. What was it, was colour was the bottle, who gave it to you?? Silence. Heave. Did you take anything else? "No muuuummeee, I promise".

I was concerned someone had spiked her drink because one drink just could not produce results like that, but she also seemed to be telling the truth. I left her there on the floor, satisfied she wasn't going to die of alcohol poisoning and had a cup of tea whilst calming down.

I called mum to let her know what was happening. "One drink, are you sure?" she asks, then thinks for awhile. "Well either she takes after her father or you brought the wrong baby home from the hospital - she certainly doesn't take after our side of the family". Too bloody right.

I went inside, poured her into bed whilst telling her she was no child of mine due to her pathetic efforts. Scorpio and I sat up for awhile laughing our asses off at the thought of Teen Queen stumbling to the toilet tripping over all the crap all over her bedroom floor.

She was sick for the rest of the weekend but I had no sympathy, just handed her the phone and made her call her grandma, grandad, the party girl AND her father to apologise.

That was a couple of years ago now, and she only recently confessed that whilst it was true she only had one drink, she let someone (a guy) she didn't know make it for her. She knew it was stronger than it should have been but she thought she knew better than her mumma.




MMBB said...

Lol! That's been me before. (the teen that is)
One time I went to a Blue Light Disco and drank half a bottle of Jimmy straight from the bottle before I went in there. Everything was fine, party party. Outside, "Hello Grass, Meet my face". The BLD is run with police there so imagine my parents suprise when the cops called.

Infact, one of my friends had been trying to say I was epileptic so the police rang my parents and asked them! Dad collected me and had to pull over for me to chuck.

He said I stank of rum, and started calling me 'The Little Pirate"!

Christy said...

It's amazing what my parents wouldn't let me do, but let my kids do. I just look at my mom and shake my head. Then she laughs.

x0xJ said...

hahaha, this reminded me of the first time my parents got called to a party to pick up me drunk. Although i have to say i'm lucky that i've never let anyone i didn't know and/or trust make me a drink.

I'm very worried for the day my kids become teenagers.

Ben and Carrie Tracks said...

Thank you for choosing this story to share on the blog hop! It's written so effortlessly (or so it seems?) and it's funny how this story hits home with so many people, including us- although we never "officially" got caught....just decided to throw up in the left over x-mas gift bags lying next to our bed. :) Glad to have found your blog and looking forward to following...

Clea said...

Yeah that was me last night... na, only kidding! I'm not looking forward to this from my girl- I was a shocker in my teens, so I'm pretty sure I've got some bad karma coming my way xx

Eva Gallant said...

Been there, done that, with boys! Now they are in their late 30s, thank God, and they can worry about their kids!

Maxabella said...

Argh, nightmare! Both funny and not-funny at all at the same time!! I can't imagine how it must feel to see your "baby" drunk liek that...

But, I remember doing the exact same thing as a teen and we all know that where there are teen parties, there will be alcohol. We'd be naive to think differently.

We all survive it. Bet she was mortified that she 'got caught'!!!

Lulu said...

Lolza! Thanks ladies, this is the 3rd in the series.

and this

Lori @ RRSAHM said...

I'm stuck in the half light here, between 'that used to be me' and 'oh lord not looking forward to this shit with my kids'.

Nadiah said...

Oh gee ... well, I think the advice you gave her in the previous post was spot on. Let's face it - getting wasted and making a git of yourself is part of growing up. I'm just glad she did it in a relatively safe environment. I shudder to think of the dangerous situations I was in as a teen. She will absorb your advice, sooner or later. You can't stop her from drinking, but you can arm her with the info she needs.

It's a bit worrying that she let someone else - a male no less - prepare her drink for her. I think I'd be most upset about that rather than the getting drunk bit.

Oh boy... I'm not looking forward to this bit when Master T grows up.

DanniiBeauty said...

You handled the situation well!

I also dread the day my kids are teenagers, why cant they stay babies forever????

Found you from Flog Ya blog friday!

Nic@ourparklife said...

Gosh! Wow, that brings back memories of the first time I was severely drunk at 16...on Jack Daniels and coke. And I let a guy mix the drinks at a party too. I was really sick the next day. And I remember calling for mummy too. She was really good about it and said my hangover would be enough of a punishment for the time being.

Sonia said...

(hi lulu, it's neuri from BB, so glad to be finally commenting here...)

Oh yes, gotta be wary of spiked drinks these days :| Sad state of affairs.

You did a good job with Teen Queen. Then and currently.

My sister went through a similar situation when she was just 13 and my folks were out. Only she did it with some Dom Benedictine or whatever that stuff is. 50%! The housekeeper panicked because she couldn't wake her up and called am ambulance. Her story was 'food poisoning' but none of the rest of us were born yesterday lol.

Jen said...

Ah crap, youve scared me silly with this post. I think I might lock up DD until she is 21!

You handled this so well, scary to think of what the boy could have put into her drink though!

Corinne said...

Oh yeah, I'm with Lori on this. Soooo not looking forward to this with my kids!

Found your blog through FYBF!