Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Simple Snacks

This is TOOOOOOOOOOO simple.

I got rather annoyed when I saw a packet of 'cheese twists' or some such other description on a box in the supermarket awhile back. You can make them in about 15 minutes with minimal fuss - kids love them for an after school snack, they go great with dips and if you are over garlic bread this is the thing for YOU.

Get a sheet of puff pasty out of the freezer. Let it thaw whilst you assemble the garlic (the minced stuff in a jar that should always live in your fridge), the parmesan cheese, preheat the oven and pour yourself a pre-dinner drink.

Spread the minced garlic over the entire sheet. Do it sparingly, depending on how much you love the stuff. I dip a teaspoon into the jar and use the back to spread it around. The garlic juice is lovely.

Sprinkle the parmesan all over the sheet. If you like you can use grated cheese too.

Cut the sheet into half. Place one half over the other so both cheesy sides face UP. Squash it down a bit.
Cut that in half crosswise to make it shorter.
Cut in half again and place that over the top - so you are layering.

Cut your layers into 1 cm slices - twist gently and place on baking tray, and into the oven at about.......ummm 180 for about ummm........10 minutes.


These are a little overdone because I forgot the oven has a TIMER....and the phone rang, then I had to wipe someones bum and answer the phone.


Other combinations - Why not add chilli if you like it hot? Sprinkle some mixed herbs over the garlic instead of cheese.


MMBB said...

Oooh I will try these. I've never bought the supermarket ones coz I'm a tight arse but I've already got the garlic paste and Parmesan so Im sure I can search the couch for some change. Pastry sheets are only a couple bucks hey?

Mmmm, cheese and garlic..

Lucy said...

Yum. Love these. Very 1970's cheese and wine partay. Hence I adore.

Lulu said...

MMBB - even the homebrand pastry sheets are good!

Luce - I think you are onto something there, I remember mum rolling out the bricks of pastry that were around before the ready rolled ones!

Lady Astrid said...

Cheese twists are one of those things that make for the kids parties. Along with scrolls (pastry spread with pizza paste and cheese), they are always popular.