Monday, August 16, 2010

Look at me - Kimmoi, look at meeeeeee!

Do you love it, do ya do ya do ya?

This is a temporary measure...I think. I've been bitching and moaning about wanting a new look for about 100 years, then it's all too much and I can't be arsed.

I would love a custom blog but shit on a stick there is so much choice and I have no fucking idea about columns sidebars widgets and fidgets. Well I sort of do but I just want to point at shit I like and grunt so I can leave someone else to do it.

The is NO "point and grunt" option on any of the custom blog designers so here I am.

AND sometime later today I am changing my brassy golden tresses (oh FUCK I love the word tresses)to chocolate brown. I'm hoping for this colour.

I'm not even going to backfill it with red cos I'm a RISK TAKER, ya hear? Hell yeah, I live on the edge. I'm even going to let Cyclone assist and god help the dog if she comes near me during the process cos she is gonna get a dose too.

I was going to do it last night before bed, but it's better during the day. Anyway last time I did that I stumbled into the bathroom half asleep the next morning and scared the shit out of myself.

Happy Monday!


Lucy said...

I like it. The makeover and the tresses.

Anonymous said...

Great makeover! Can't wait to see how your hair turns out. I have not coloured mine in 5 years!

Mrs Woog said...

I am off to the magicians to get the SILVER out of my hair

Andrea said...

Love it - great look as per loving your blog and ability to tell it like it is!

Lori @ RRSAHM said...

Me likes! Very Lulu.