Monday, August 30, 2010

Get your babies ready for Botox!!!

I saw this ad on shitful saturday commercial television last week and it REALLY PISSED ME OFF.

A bunch of bouncing preteens in lab coats using syringes to do their own cosmetic science. "Rejuvenate your mom" says the voiceover whilst a tired looking run down mummy has crap splashed over her by this sparky bunch of kids. This toy is aimed at 8 year olds so by my calculations, the raggy old mum is around THIRTY TWO.....or maybe even FORTY. Shit, what if she is FORTY FIVE, perish the thought.

Already I have digressed, but ranty pants will do that to you.

So to make your own 'cosmetics and skin care' you clearly need a lab coat and syringes. Excuse me but 8-11 year olds need nothing more than a wash cloth in their fricken watermelon scented bubble baths.

Making syringes and lab coats normal when it comes to skincare just makes me sick, and hurl even further when it is directed towards children.

Yes, I know some kids can have skin troubles at a young age but even if they don't getting to mix up some revolting-ass cheapo chemicals and putting glitter in it will more than likely GIVE them a problem.

So of course the answer is - we don't buy this crap for our kids.
When they scream "I want THAT" when the stupid ad flashes on, we will laugh and tell them what a load of bollocks it is, and that when they are old enough we will show them the way.

And what if you don't know the first thing about it, have forgotten or don't really care?

Don't worry - ole Aunty Lulu will show you so stay tuned.

Am I the only one that thinks this sucks?


dachlostar said...

Time like this I understand why Elvis shot his TV. Fuck that must have been cathartic!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I felt this way when I was in the deodorant section and noticed that there is Bratz deodorant, conveniently located at my then 18-month old's eye level. WTF?'

(I'm 'sasha' on BB, btw, in case you're wondering who on earth this random person is!)

kayK said...

that's...just sad. i thought the pink cleaning kits were bad but this is really pushing it one more up.

Lucy said...

Another reason out a zillion not to watch commercial TV.

Wrong wrong wrong.

Andrea said...

Oh dear what a fucking worry!

This is the worst! I refuse to buy gender stereotypical toys for the kids in my life anyway - but this is just waaay ott!!

Anonymous (In)fertility Blogger said...

makes me especially sad, because it's pretty much equating 'beauty' with needles. wtf??