Thursday, August 12, 2010


Silly post about something that irritates me.

THESE are AWOL. We love love love Spagasaurus at our place, especially for breakfast in winter.

Pity their numbers are rapidly declining from the supermarket shelves, taking with them Alpahgetti and Numbergetti. This is NOT COOL.

Not only do we love it for brekky but it's my number one back up plan in case of the I-can't-be-arsed-cooking-dinner moments. What am I gonna doooooooooooooo??

It's been months and I was just ready to face dinosaur re-extinction when I noticed them back. Well sort of. They are back. But smaller. And in stupid packs of 4. Completely overpackaged in paper and plastic. Now I'm not buying them on packaging principle.


Rant over


Lady Astrid said...

Yes!! Someone else who has noticed they are missing and also uses them for the "can't be arsed" or the "kids are being feral and need to be fed NOW!" nights I thought it was just because we are "rural" that they decided to no longer stock them. Dislike the little cans here. At the moment they are ok as 2 cans feed the 2 girls, but that probably wont last much longer. Really want the big tin back.