Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The noctural fashions of The Betty.

So as each day closes and I hear mummies all over the net breathing a sigh of relief that the day is done and children are sleeping - I start the nightshift of Kid Wrangling with Betty Boo.

Clearly it's not enough filling my day with homeschooling the Aspy Cyclone and therefore dealing with (so far today 3) meltdowns, filling in behaviour charts, adhering to rigid schedules and sticking gold stars all over the fricking place.

Betty has a problem getting to sleep. I'm pretty sure it's because Cyclone used to leap off the couch onto the hardwood floors at precisely the time I was placing her in the cot when she was a baby. Now she is 4 and still waiting for the other shoe to drop. By bouncing all over the bed and constantly coming out of her room, often till 10pm.

Then she stopped coming out of her room and that was almost fine with me, at least she wasn't wandering all over the place and interrupting my vodka appreciation moments. It wasn't worth it though. She spends her time in the room systematically pulling everything out of the wardrobe and wearing it in strange combinations, so by the time I would creep in to see her asleep there would be piles of (clean, DAMMIT) clothes all over the floor and Betty spread all over the bed looking like an extra from Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, only cleaner.

Dora pjama top. Yellow sundress 2 sizes too small.

Return of the pink sundress, pink top 1 size too small and a pair of mummy's spanx.
At this point I realise she is foraging for clothes beyond her current wardrobe.

It looks like her favourite party dress and apron are too uncomfortable to sleep in after all

I wish I thought of taking more pics before last week, but hopefully the fashion shows are at an end and Betty will go to sleep just like a proper girl. I'm too fricken tired for this shit anymore.

Please tell me I'm not the only one going through this so many years past the baby stage...pleeeease???


Lucy said...

She'd make great bedfellows with Lexie. Does. My. Farking. Head. In.

Nadiah said...

"Please tell me I'm not the only one going through this so many years past the baby stage...pleeeease???"

Mine's still at toddler stage so I can't offer any reassuring words, but if it helps any, your post has definitely put a heavy sense of evil foreboding in me. Thanks for that :-)

Andrea said...

You're Spanx!! cracks me up xx

Glamourcide said...

YES! YES! Munchkin does the same. Damn. Thing. Every. Night. (and about fifteen times a day, every day. Give me strength!)
I seriously nearly wet my pants laughing when I saw the photos - almost identical to my girl, but with darker hair ;)
So no, you're not alone. And I'm STOKED to have found someone else who's going through it, too!

Anonymous said...

Coming to this post a little late, but just had to say that Betty is ADORABLE. Spanx, lol!

trumy said...

It's not nice to put pictures of unclothed minors!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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