Wednesday, April 7, 2010

5 questions I'm asking myself today....

Why are there almonds in the bath?

I wonder if Scorpio noticed I used his toothbrush to clean the washing machine filter?

Why do I compulsively buy canned lentils? no CHICKPEAS! Why??

How did I not find Lamebook EARLIER????

Should I start my Agony Aunt section of this blog???



E. said...

Start the Agony aunt section. You know you want to.

Lentils and Almonds? What? Those questions stumped me.

Lucy said...

Sure there was no fruitcake in that bath too?!

I have tagged you here by the way:

Lori said...

My questions-

What's a lentil? (Joking).

What's Lamebook? (Not joking!)

Why haven't you already started the Agony Aunt section of this blog?

Ianto's Mummy said...

1. Who knows?
2. I wouldn't know.
3. you're a sucker for punishment.
4. I don't know, but it's awesome! A few that make me go a bit "ehhh...." though.

So Now What? said...

Hi, I think I love you too! I have a chick pea can compulsion. I can relate. And yes to Agony Aunt :)

Lulu said...

Oh for fucks sake - I actually meant CHICKPEAS!!!!