Friday, April 9, 2010

So further to the wedding $$$ discussion

I'm not finished with this yet.

Ok, so if it's what the couple wants *grumble *bitch - to have envelopes stuffed full of bills instead of presents to unwrap maybe thats their call *snipe

So if the original idea of wedding gifts is to help start the new couple in their lives together and if you are already set up and have everything - lived together and have kids etc and don't NEEEED anything, then why expect money? Or anything at all?

If they just ask for cash - can you (warning grumpy old bitch emerging) at least expect to know where your money is going?
Now that sounds horrific, but what I'm getting at is if you knew where it was going, would you be happier to put the money in the well?

I know of couples that have asked for $$$ to go on a honeymoon (don't get me started on the honeymoon registry though - VOMIT) and I think that's ok, cos everyone should have a little get away after the shit you go through organising these things.

Or if they were doing up their house or something and mentioned it in the crappy ass poem. Even vouchers seem a little better. Probably cos we put that on our list and were thrilled to pieces with the Bunnings Voucher and bought some important tools and a wheelbarrow. (Then took pics and sent them to the givers with a thank you card).

I'm just wondering - because if the tradition of wedding gifts (wrapped and delivered to the house BEFORE the wedding) is dying - I WANNA KNOW. So I can move with the times and all that.

Man I can go on for ages about this shit. And I'm gonna, so there.


Lori said...

I think that's totally a fair expectation. We did that with our wedding thank yous- "Thank you s much for your generous gifts, it provided us with a much needed honeymoon before the new baby arrives!" kinda thing. But we actually did thank yous, written ones, and that is a dying tradition too ;)

Lady Astrid said...

Ours was originally going towards upgrading some of our household items, as most of what we had were hand me downs from when I first moved out of home. As I said in my previous comment, had we had the wedding locally, then we could have asked for certain things. In the end though it went on the deposit for our first house, as not long after the wedding we came across an ideal property.

So, yeah, I do think having some idea to where the money is going is fine. Actually I have no problem with it going towards the reception, if anything I wish some of the money had. Don't get me started on some of the weddings that tried to be too upmarket on too small a budget, 6 entrées to a table of 8 is just not acceptable!

Ali said...

Totally with you!
Well we didn't even get a thank you for the last one we dropped an envelope in a well with a significant amount of cash in it. My partner was a groomsman so yeah, not impressed. Dont even know what it was spent on?

Dansta said...

we sent out thank-yous about 2 or three weeks after our wedding - we got alot of 'stuff' but it was needed. as for the gift cards we bought a heck of alot of sheets (we got drowned in towels for our engagement) and some other odds and ends for fixing up our house/DJ's room.
i think our thanks-yous where "thank you for coming and sharing our wonderfully wet joyous day ____you gave us was much needed and will be used "

as for sending the pressie before the wedding - we got ours given to us at the reception, as i think the $$ in volved in postage for some would have been a little much (which i can understand when you get 3 hevy bottemed pots plus a rosting tray!)

...i so wish we'd have gotten bunnings vouters when we got married!