Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hanging with my peeps

Yeh, dats where I'll be...right about now!

We'll be in the city all weekend, I've been looking forward to this for MONTHS. This pic was taken the last time we were all together and we drank cocktails, boogied and laughed our asses off until some ridiculous hour of the morning.

We won't be going nuts this time, just being in the same motel room (for 3 days!) will be enough.

The interwebz can be a scary place but at the same time if it didn't exist I wouldn't have 4 years of friendship with these girls, not just friendship but an awesome connection across thousands of kilometers. Actually I lie - one of the girls pictured only one of us knew.....but by the end of the night I decided we should be wed. So add another great connection, I'm sorry she won't be there this time.

Oh and another lie, one of them lives about 3 ks from me - but it's still been a loooong time since we have had any decent time face to face.

I am hoping to get to the ANZAC Dawn Service, but if it doesn't work out I'm sure I can find a game of two up around somewhere.


Lucy said...

Lucky girls. I am envious!

Lady Astrid said...

Another jealous one here. It is one of the major things that sucks about the move to the country.

E. said...

Have fun. And when you get back you can laugh at me in the Photo of Mystery meme. I finally did it and you can find it here: