Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good Deeds??

OK, jumping back into the BLOG THIS challenge.
Subject - So friends, tell us about a good deed you have done for someone or vice-versa. Or how someone elses' good deed that you have learned about has affected you.. did you learn from it? How did it make you feel? Was it a disaster? Did it uplift you?

So here are some good deeds I have participated in or been on the receiving end of

A bootful of groceries to someone who wouldn't ask for help and delivered in such a way there was no blushing of either party.

A package of delicate underclothes sent thousands of miles from one friend to another....just to make her feel better when things are hard in the life department.

A day spent helping a single mother beautify the house she works her butt off to purchase all on her own through determination and hard work.

A tiny pair of booties, knitted with love and attention to detail, to ease the pain of another, so she wouldn't leave the hospital empty-handed. For a woman you have never met and probably never will.

Are these Good Deeds? Random Acts of Kindness? Helping out a friend or fellow human? Or simply things we should all DO?

I dunno, but I can tell you every single person involved in all of the above felt good and more than likely spread that feeling around to everyone they saw over the next few days after...so thats GOOD.


Lucy said...

You are GOOD.xx

Lulu said...

Hey, it's not all me DOING..it's me on the getting end too!

Lori said...

Awww that gave me goosebumps. Love the lacy undies- what an awesome pick me up to get in the post.

Tab said...

Mmm, thats interesting - are these good deeds or something we should all do? Goodness needs to be something we tae on as habit I think - and goodness s catchy.

Emma said...

Just lovely!
PS. I am your newest follower from Blog This. I'll look forward to following along :)

kate said...

undies are such a good presents - and pressies always cheer me up!