Monday, April 19, 2010


I wish Umberto was around the corner from me. It would probably make life alot easier, or at least funner.

I spent all yesterday running around to bathroom/plumbing suppliers because I have to renovate Dad's bathroom to make it easier and safer for him to shower. He might have to be on medication that makes him feel a bit wobbly sometimes and I panic like mad he might fall over in the bathroom.

I want it to be a bit sexy, not all geriatric-like. I've found an enormous shower unit but this means I'll have to get rid of the bath entirely. I'm not sure about this at all. Dad might want to sell up to downsize in the next year, or head to one of those "lifestyle' type villages (if we can find one with a decent bar rofl) and I'm not sure if it will be a problem having no bath when he goes to sell.

A few people have suggested it won't really be a problem - that baths will start disappearing with the water restrictions, not everyone wants a bath anyway. I think it's a bit hard to get your head around when you have kids.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Baths are not too much of a problem. The place that we reno'd we removed the bath. The shower was big enough to have a huge baby bath sit in it for bath time. A lot of the time once our eldest was standing she wanted to have a shower.

If someone refuses to buy a place just on the basis of no bath, then they are pretty fussy and would probably have issues with other parts of the house

Lori said...

Thw two houses I lived in before this one didn't have a bath. But, having kids these days, it'd be a deal breaker.

Anonymous said...

Why is a bath a deal breaker? Really if the rest of the house and garden is exactly what you want in a house, why walk away due to the bath? Would you reject a house based on the wallpaper?

What is wrong with doing a quick reno to put one in (assuming there is space)? Most homes I have seen that had bathrooms to small for a bath, were not family homes.

Nelle said...

Chances are if I have kids, I can't afford a quick reno (either money or time) to add a bath.

With kids, who I rinse down in the bath *mentally kisses whoever invented those bath-shower hoses* at least twice daily - I want a bath.

That's just me though - there probably are people who don't care about a bath. But there are people who do. *shrug* It's true that if someone wanted a bath badly enough they'd renovate again, and it's probably most important that the house caters to your dad's needs. xo

kbxmas said...

Hi Lulu, found your blog through AMB. Love your realness and humor - love it - so I'm your newest follower.