Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Scary Truth of the Girls Weekend

This is how we did it -

Book Hotel, preferably with swanky entrance. This is very important for a good sashay later on.

When you get to your room empty the stupid bar fridge.

And replace it with your own supplies

Set up your own Mini Bar....eermm Maxi Bar?

and ummmm, do alot of this

Yes, a very large proportion of our weekend was spent lying around on the beds. Just lying around. Talking, reading, listening to music and talking some more. Cos that's what we are best at, and that's what we really needed. UNINTERRUPTED by little voices and hands pulling at our clothes. I read the ENTIRE weekend papers, cover to cover and ALL the magazines. Yes, this thrills me.

We woke up to this one morning

The meeting point for the ANZAC Day march was right out the front.

Of course we did glam up and hit the town...but that's another story all together.


Lori said...

Nothing tops a girly weekend. Awesome fun.

Wanderlust said...

Ah, girls' weekend, love it! And yes, what's up with those dumb ass refrigerators full of $10 candy bars? Love that you dumped it all out.

Lucy said...

SO jealous. Look at the three of you. Sexy as.

sanjeet said...

glad you had great fun
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