Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Eeermm, well this is the truth bit.....

Yes, there were 3 of us in a motel room, completely free of partners and children.
Yes, we could have done the whole "Sex in the City" shopping-cocktails-in-trendy-bars thing.

But we didn't wanna.

We DID frock up and hit the town. It also took us about 95 pictures to get the final Awesomely Fabulous Photo before we left.

We DID have a fabulous cocktail at a fabulous bar - $60 a round and it was sooooo worth it.

We also went to the last place we had a great time many, many months ago....but that was NOT fabulous.

We ran into clouds of testosterone fuelled masses with more hair product I have ever used in all my born days.

It was a Long Weekend so everyone descended on the city.....and every venue thought it was a capital idea to squash as many people in as the place could hold.

This is NOT conducive to drinking fabulous was 5 deep at the bar.

This is NOT conducive to having a boogie on the dance floor. Unless you like standing in one spot bobbing up and down with your arms firmly by your sides. Lots of people DO think that is cool and apparently it gets a bit territorial because no sooner than the lovely Sushee and I dared step on the holy dance floor some 12 year old TWIG hip-and-shouldered Sushee nearly clear across the room. Very deliberately.

The little twerp nearly put my eye out with her pointy shoulder blade.

I wasn't too happy with this development....I wasn't sure whether give the twig a stern lecture, feed her a sandwich or throw her across the room.

I quickly realised I was feeding off the anger in the room - this comes with large groups of men clustered together making loud, unattractive remarks about females walking past and the resulting frustration at the prospect of going home alone AGAIN, nuff said - and wasn't having a good time.

So we hopped a taxi back to our lovely temporary home, sipped a fabulous cocktail or two....and laughed our asses off. We actually saw TWO girls wearing black opaque tights and white court shoes. We really did.

But I certainly DID sashay around that beautiful lobby, we definitely annoyed the crap out of the kitchen by demanding bigger tea cups - and causing the shy room service man to blush deeply as we squealed with delight when he met our request.

We did have a collective blonde moment when we noticed the lift hadn't moved for about five minutes because we were laughing so much that no one pressed the button to get to the ground floor.

and yeah....we did a bit of this