Saturday, April 17, 2010

Family Fun

Ok, so my dad is unwell and been in hospital. He is now at a Rehab Centre to keep up his strength and wean him off the steroids they gave him.....that probably caused the problems by lowering his immunity to the point he ended up with a terrible case of pnuemonia.

He is 86 and I feel a bit bad for not keeping a closer eye on him, which isn't always easy when the silly bastard lies and tells me he is feeling fine when he is NOT.

Anyhoo, so I am totally buggered because I've taken the opportunity to give his house a really good clean whilst he is gone. He used to have a cleaning lady but in his words "she didn't bloody shut up so I sacked her". Onya dad. I understand though - she probably thought she was doing him a favour by being bright and chatty to the old dude but dad still works as a psychologist and she keep interrupting his writing by talking about the weather. He may be old but he still goes to the gym and can drink anyone under the table and enjoys doing both regularly.

Dad has done enough for the world in his time and I don't think he should lift a finger around the house, so I try to clean for him when I am there but he gets all shitty when you move his stuff. So Yeeha that I can get in there uninterrupted by him getting all antsy.

Dad is a bit of a photographer as well.He loves taking pictures so there are plenty of albums around to go through whilst having a break from throwing out old newspapers and medication dating back to 1995.

This one really made me smile. Can you guess what's happening here?

There is me sitting on the bench with my back to the camera, my little sister leaning over the red crate and dad front and centre. You can tell it's late 70's but the orange laminex and macrame by the window...never mind the blinds.

Seriously - can anyone guess what we are doing?

It's called the Family Homebrew Production Line.

The big red bin has the brew inside, that had been wrapped in blankets and made very strange noises whilst the yeast did it's magic. When it was ready to be bottled, it was my job to hold the plastic line in the beer, my sisters job to move the hose from bottle to bottle and dad capped them.

Good clean fun. Apparently it was lovely. Dad and his mates tried to make wine once but it was bloody terrible so they decided to stick to beer.


Lucy said...

Can I tell you again how much I love your blog?


Lori said...

How very cool!! Your dad sounds like a top bloke.