Thursday, April 29, 2010

First Post

Sarah at Just Me started this and I was tagged by The Lady of the Longhouse

Here is the first Blog Post I ever made -

So this is me. Lulu. I live in a sweet 1950's weatherboard house in suburban Australia with my mini tribe of children.
Angsty Teen Queen
Cyclone the 5 year old boy child, and
Betty Boo the baby.

Also featuring in my life is Ex Husband #1 Aquaman and Ex Husband #2 Scorpio.
Apparently it's unusual but the 3 of us are friends and co-parents. It's easier to maintain a friendship when you don't have to share your space or wash their socks.

I love to renovate and redecorate my little house. Since becoming a stay at home mumma I have learnt to do this on a minimal/non existent budget. I'm a brilliant fixer-upper and have come a long way from my early years when my tools consisted of a stiletto and a butter knife. I have POWER tools now. There will be more on this later.....

I also love to cook and feed my family but sadly my kitchen is as 1950's original as the rest of the house - the kitchen reno budget was soon used as extended maternity leave, which is a no-brainer really but also the source of daily swearing and grinding of teeth. I have tiles dropping off, cupboards that won't stay closed and STUPID drawers that cannot be accessed unless you open 2 or more cupboard doors. Get your head around that one...

I also have no oven - I only have myself to blame because in typical Lulu Style I happily ripped the old crusty one out shortly after I moved in. Before I had a new one, when I was running a busy home business and didn't have time to organise the new kitchen which has in turn never materialised...sigh. So my skills are rusty now. Well now I have new ones - like how to feed a family of four with a silly benchtop turbo oven.

I'm also a semi dedicated gardener and vegie grower. I adore everything that grows and never stop marvelling over the wonders of nature. I believe food is medicine, blooms fill your soul and nature is freaking AWESOME. We have much to be thankful for.

I'm about to start rejuvenating the vegetable patch - I just hope I don't lose the next crop the same way I did the last. Weeks of 40+ deg heat murdered the lot.

Wow, big first post. But I do talk alot as you will find out....

Cheers xoxoxo

Hmmm, so in review. I swear alot more than I thought I would, the vegie patch is still neglected....and I'm STILL povvo.

Ok, so now I tag

Bern at So Now What
Kristin at Wanderlust
E Whining at the World

I'm supposed to tag 5 BUT others I would like to tag have already tagged....and some others...well they seem so BIG with 8million followers that I get paranoid they will think "ACH - I don't DO dat shit anymore".


E. said...

Okay it's done. Oops I tagged Wanderlust as well. Obviously we both have great taste in blogs!

Mine is here:

Wanderlust said...

Freaking awesome taste. Double-tagged, I'd best dig it up and post! Thanks blog goddesses. Enjoyed reading your post Lulu and getting to know a bit of your history. Thx.

Lucy said...

An award for you Luce, over at mine.....